Our mission

“Empower anyone in an organisation to unlock the full potential of their data and drive businesses to success.”

About Mammoth

The world is overflowing with information and it’s going to take something big to clear it all up. Welcome to Mammoth.


Our purpose is to provide a platform with all of the data analysis tools you need, in one place. From perfect preparation to interactive visualization, Mammoth is a powerful program with a user-friendly interface that gives everybody the opportunity to analyse like an expert. Cut costs, save time, and focus on what’s important: making those data-driven business decisions, for yourself. Afterall, nobody understands your business like you.


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We want to reinvent the way the world thinks about data. Information is a vast wilderness, and at the moment, only data analysts can explore. They have the right tools and the right experience, while everyone else has to pay for them, or they’ll get lost in the wilderness. Our innovation is simple – we want to give everybody the same tools. The Mammoth program caters for all levels, from beginners finding their feet with the fundamentals, to experienced explorers looking for powerful tools.

Our Values

Our values represent who we are and how we feel about being Mammoths. They guide us, represent us, and show how proud we are to be part of this team.

Always Improving

We want to adapt and don’t fear change

Always Improving

We want to adapt and don’t fear change


It’s part of the process


We care about you

The Mammoths

Working on your own sucks, so we teamed up to do big things together, now we’re one big happy herd. Alright, so we’re not actually a bunch of prehistoric elephants, imagine how big our office would have to be, but we are a multicultural team with backgrounds in all sorts of disciplines. From Engineering to Copywriting, marketers to UX designers, we do it all.


With offices in London and Bangalore we prove that distance does not matter, if you believe in what you do. Meet the herd: