Announcing our partnership with Segment

We are excited to announce that Mammoth is now a destination in Segment’s rich catalog!

Track every user action with Segment

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to hundreds of tools at the flick of a switch.

Segment is a great platform for collecting user interaction data from a host of different sources. It could be your website, mobile app or server. For example, if someone views your blog, Segment can track that for you. If you have a mobile app and you want to know what your users are doing, Segment has got you covered. If you have an e-commerce service and you want to see how your customers interact with your catalog, you can track that with Segment.

Segment makes sending your events data to analytics providers super easy. Once you have started collecting data using Segment you can route it to Google Analytics or Mixpanel or BigQuery. And now Mammoth!

What can you achieve with Segment & Mammoth integration?

With Mammoth becoming part of Segment’s ecosystem as a destination, you can now route data from your website and mobile apps to Mammoth through Segment.

Mammoth is an end to end data management and analytics platform. You can use Mammoth to do the following with your data:

  • Warehouse your data.
  • Visually discover and explore your data.
  • Prepare your data using Mammoth’s data processing capabilities.
  • Blend data routed through Segment with your other sources of data.
  • Create automated reports through task pipelines.
  • Automatically export the data that you have prepared using Mammoth to systems outside of Mammoth.

You can do all this without any coding. Get started now!

Getting Started

You can connect Segment and Mammoth within just a few minutes! Head over to your Segment account now and find Mammoth in the destinations catalog. You can read more in detail about this integration here.