What is the difference between Mammoth and other BI solutions like Tableau, Qlikview, etc. ?

We know it is a noisy and hard-to-navigate world out there.

How Mammoth stands out from others:

  • We offer the following in a single product:
    • Connectors (including databases, webhooks and more)
    • Large Storage
    • Powerful tools for data preparation
    • Drill-down Exploration and Discovery
  • We are focused on making the entire experience simple for everyone to use. There is no coding and you don’t need any help from IT.
  • No installation or integration. Get up and running right away
  • Mammoth can either replace or complement most existing BI solutions

How Mammoth stacks up against some of the solutions in the analytics world:

Visualization software (Tableau, Qlikview, Google Data Studio, PowerBI): Mammoth helps you prepare your data for third-party visualization software. In Mammoth, you can bring your data together, transform it and send it off to a reporting solution of your choice.

Data Preparation platforms (Alteryx, Paxata, Trifacta, TAMR): Did we already mention no coding? We believe Mammoth is much easier to use and provides more ways to transform your data. The webhook + JSON extraction feature is powerful and one of a kind. Mammoth also stores your data, so it’s data warehousing + data preparation all in one. Finally, our data discovery process is unparalleled. Drill down into multiple levels and find and correct your discrepancies in a jiffy.

Traditional BI (Pentaho, Domo, Gooddata, SiSense): Mammoth requires no integration, no coding and no help from IT. It achieves what traditional BI platforms take weeks and months to accomplish.

To learn more about what makes Mammoth stand out, take a look at our Features section.