Managing Accounts

Managing accounts consists of the following:

  1. Login | Logout

  2. Add | Remove users

  3. Assigning Roles to the users

  4. Reset password

Login | Logout

To login into the application, navigate to and enter:

  • email address

  • password

To logout from the application:

  • Open account menu

  • Click logout


Currently we support Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Add | Remove Users

To add or remove a new user:

  • Open account menu

  • Click on Manage Users

  • To add a new user in the Add user section:

    • Provide email address of the new user

    • Select a role for the new user

    • Click Add. User gets added to the list

    • An email is sent to the new user with a link to setup the password

  • To remove a user:


    • Select the user account to which the assets of this user will be transferred to


  • Only a user with ADMIN or OWNER rights can add or remove other users.

  • Option of Manage Users in the account menu will be visible to such users only.

Switch Accounts

  • A user can be a member of multiple accounts.

  • The accounts of a user are listed in the account menu.

  • The first item in the menu is the current account and email address of the user. Following is a list of accounts that user has.

  • In the list of accounts, the current account is visible but not highlighted. However, other accounts are highlighted and the user can click on them to switch to a particular account.