Data Library

Data Library shows all your folders and datasets. Each row on the Data Library shows -

  • Dataset/Folder name;

  • Column/Row count ;

  • Last modification time;

  • Time interval for the scheduled data pull - Every few minutes, daily, weekly, monthly etc. ;

  • A sub-tree of Views in a Dataset.

    Data Library

    Fig. 170 Data Library

Hovering over the Dataset icon gives you the information about its type.

Preview Panel

Preview Panel gives you various details for the selected item in the Data Library -

  • Listing of all the Views;

  • Listing of all the Batches;

  • A preview of data;

  • Information about scheduled data pulls;

  • No. of steps in the Pipeline of a View.

It also allows you to manage your selection in various ways. -

Let’s now learn about Datasets in the Data Library.