A Dataset contains tabular data as rows and columns. You can create a Dataset in different ways.

A Dataset is listed on the Data Library. You can select and a preview panel is displayed with multiple options.

This document explains some of the actions that you can carry out on Datasets.

Viewing the original data

The data from the original dataset is never changed irrespective of your actions in any of the views. This is always displayed in the preview panel in its original form. You can also view the number of rows and columns the dataset has in the preview panel.

Adding/Replacing data

If the dataset supports adding more data, the preview panel displays an option to add more data.

Using the add or replace data option you can:

  1. Add more data to the same dataset.
  2. Replace data in the dataset.

You can upload a file to achieve this. The file you are adding should have the same columns in the same order with the same data types.

If the data that you wish to add is incompatible with the existing dataset, a new data is created and saved. You can combine these two datasets using the option to combine datasets.

If you have two different datasets that you would like to append to one another, use the options to Branch out to Dataset or combine datasets.

Combining Datasets

This option is displayed when the dataset can be combined with another dataset. This allows for combining of two datasets that are not similar to each other.

The result of combining datasets can be saved as a new dataset or into one of the datasets.


Data in datasets are divided into batches. Batches are created every time a new data is added into the same dataset. The following actions can be performed on any batch of the data:

  1. View data
  2. Delete batch

Synchronizing data with the views

The data from the dataset can be synced to its views in the following ways:

  • Automatic sync mode - sync all views automatically when new data is added.
  • Manual sync mode - sync all views manually when new data is added.

Automatic sync is the default option for data sync. This can be changed from the preview panel.

When new data is added to a dataset, there is a 30-second window during which you can turn off the automatic sync of new data into the views. Pausing the sync through this option changes the dataset to work in the manual sync mode.