Combine Columns

This task can be used to combine one or more values. The values can be applied selectively.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

Let us start with the following data.

Day Month Year
10 April 2010
12 March 2010

Our goal is construct a Date column that combines values from the first three columns like this.

Day Month Year Date
10 April 2010 10 April, 2010
12 March 2010 12 March, 2010

In the Date column, note the space between day & month and comma followed by space after the month name. Combine column allows interleaving character strings to achieve this. The interleaving of column and characters has to be done in the order it is to appear in the result string. To achieve above results, we should add following in order

  1. Day Column
  2. Space
  3. Month Column
  4. A string “, “
  5. Year Column

To achieve this

  1. Open Data Preparation menu and click on Column Functions
  2. Select Combine Multiple Columns
  3. Choose a combination of columns and String value by clicking on + button in the order you would like them to appear.
  4. Enter the name of the new column into which you would like the results to appear. For the current example enter text Date in the Apply Result Into section.
  5. Click APPLY. The view would update with the new column called Date.

Supported Options

  • Result: A combination of column names and interleaved strings that the resultant column should have
  • Condition: See Conditions in Tasks
  • Apply result into: This option allows configuration of the destination of the results by this task. See result documentation.

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