Data Types

Mammoth supports the following data types for columns.

  1. Text: The data can contain text values of any length.
  2. Number: The data can contain integers or decimal values.
  3. Date: The data can contain dates with or without time.


  • This is similar to how many SQL databases operate. Typed systems are more reliable than un-typed systems like Excel.
  • Mammoth is not a spreadsheet program. Hence two cells in the same column may never contain mixed types.
  • Mammoth can auto detect types in most cases. If you are not happy with the type a column has, it might mean your original data was not clean. You can always use a Convert column type task to convert the data into the right type. This might result in loss of those values that are not matching the type you want to change the column to. It might be helpful to use Explore Cards to discover the data properly before attempting a type conversion.