Date Difference

The Date Difference task allows you find the difference between two date columns.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

Let us start with this data as an example:

Student Registered Graduated
Alice 23-April-2012 25-April-2015
Bob 24-April-2011 26-April-2014
Mike 26-April-2010 27-April-2016

The goal is to find the time it took for the students to graduate. Complete the following steps:

  1. Open Data Preparation menu and click on Date Function category
  2. Select Calculate Date Difference option
  3. Choose the Graduated column for option Start date
  4. Choose the Registered column for option End date
  5. Choose Years when choosing the option for Save results as
  6. Enter ‘Years Taken’ in the New column name
  7. Click APPLY

We should end up with something like this:

Student Registered Graduated Years Taken
Alice 23-April-2012 25-April-2015 3
Bob 24-April-2011 26-April-2014 3
Mike 26-April-2010 27-April-2016 6

Supported Options

The following options are supported

  • Start Date: The date column from which to subtract from.
  • End Date: The date column which
  • Save result as: The unit of measure to use when calculating the difference.


  • The outputs produced are always integers.
  • The system will round down when doing date difference. Even if the dates are apart by 1 year, 300 days, the system will simply consider the date difference to be just 1 years.

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