New Column

Use New Column task to add a new column of a provided type to your data. When you create a column, only the column is created and no values are filled in the column.

This is just one of the ways to create a new column. See the end of this page for other ways of creating a new column with values.

Let us start with the following data

Table 5 Dataset 1 → view 1
Number Name
1 Alice
2 Bob
3 Claire

We can add a couple of new columns by doing the following

  1. Open Data Preparation menu and click on Column Functions
  2. Select New Column
  3. Enter a new column name, say Age. Let us choose the numeric as the data type of the new column.
  4. Click on New Column. This will add another column to the list.
  5. Enter another new column name, say Gender
  6. Click APPLY

After this task, data will look like this:

Table 6 Dataset 1 → view 1
Number Name Age Gender
1 Alice    
2 Bob    
3 Claire    

Supported Options

The following options are supported

  1. Column Name: The name of the new column.
  2. Data type: The type of the new column.

Multiple new columns can be created using this rule.

See also


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Column tasks

List of column tasks. Many of these tasks can create new columns.