Show Top or Bottom Rows

The Show Top or Bottom rows task allows for limiting of the data to just the first few rows or the last few rows. An additional sort can be specified with this task to determine the criterion for deciding the order of rows before applying the limit.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

Let us start with the following sample data:

Student Marks
Alice 95
Bob 65
Chuck 80
Diana 50
Ellin 89

Let us suppose that you want to fetch data about the top three students. Complete the following steps to achieve this:

  1. Open Data Preparation menu and click on Show Top / Bottom
  2. Enter the value 3 into the rows input.
  3. Specify a sort: Sort by Marks in the descending order.
  4. Click APPLY.

Your data should now look like this:

Student Marks
Alice 95
Ellin 89
Chuck 80

Supported Options

Following options are supported:

  • Top/Bottom: Whether the few rows are to be retained from Top or Bottom.
  • Limit: The number of rows to be retained.
  • Sort by: The sort to be applied to decide the order of rows. See Sort in tasks

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