Text Formatting

The Text Formatting task allows you to do the following:

  1. Consolidate whitespace characters into a single space.
  2. Change text to lowercase, uppercase, or to a capitalized form.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

Let us start with the following sample data:

Names Total
mark 140
Bob 105
alice 129
RAJ 111
claire 120

As depicted in the table, the Names column is not consistent. Let us capitalize all the words. Complete the following steps to achieve this:

  1. Open Data Preparation menu and click on Text Functions
  2. Select the option Text Formatting
  3. Select the column Names in the column list.
  4. Select the Change case to option. Click on the option Capitalized.
  5. Click APPLY.

The data will appear as shown in the following table:

Names Science
Mark 140
Bob 135
Alice 129
Raj 135
Claire 135

Supported Options

The following options are supported in Format Text task.

Select Columns

You can select one or more columns to which you want to apply this rule.

Change case to

This supports the following three options:

  1. lowercase
  2. uppercase
  3. capitalize

Normalize whitespace

If this option is checked, multiple consecutive whitespaces will be combined into just one.


  • capitalize option will capitalize each word in the sentence.