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DTS+ automates business processes to empower organisations to become data-driven

DTS+ offers a best of breed DigitalTransformation System that integrates data with innovative technology and business processes to optimize and transform business models globally and locally.

What are The Problems?

  • Current IT infrastructure is expensive and has not delivered insights.
  • Traditional consultants are too expensive, non-effective, and lack domain expertise.
  • Solutions do not meet the need of global organisations.
  • Alternative solutions are incomplete.

Our Solution

One interconnected Digital Transformation System with flexible licensing that is architected, implemented, and serviced by subject matter experts in the financial services industry.


Cloud-based pay-as-you-go technology & service that adapts to your organisation's data needs.

Domain Experts

Deep industry and analytics expertise with well-proven deployment capabilities.


End-to-end analytics application built on a scalable, high-performing, and secure platform.


Solution translated into 50 different languages with the potential to expand dictionary with custom terms and phrases.

Now more than ever, asset managers, wealth managers, and asset services need to rethink their operating models. They recognise the need to digitise and automate as much as they can to reduce risk and improve efficiency. DTS+ is a huge step towards achieving that.

– CEO – Global Asset & Wealth Manager

Our Technology

DTS+ technology is a thin layer that interacts with your existing data infrastructure, not replacing it.

DTS+ arch diagram
Distributed Data Platform

System and business integration led by client requirements

Robust Data Hub

Quickly access, store, centralize, clean, and prepare your data

Dynamic Dashboards & Reports

Enables secured access to view, analyse, and distribute data

Internationalised Solution

Provides access to customised views in their local languages

Data Integration

Pre-built integrations allow for quick deployment on existing data infrastructure

Security & Performance

Platform architected to scale with your business while keeping your data secure

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