Manage Your Data Flow

Achieve transparency, automation and control of your data, without writing any code

Reduce the data turnaround time from weeks to minutes
A transparent and visible data journey
Eliminate error-prone manual data preparation

Create a visual editable data flow in and a code-free environment

No need to involve IT to manage your data. Mammoth’s Data Pipeline not only saves time but gives you maximum control

Transparency and Visibility throughout your Data Journey

You now can see, in a visual and descriptive representation, all the changes that the dataset goes through. No more "black-box" solutions where you don’t know the logic behind the data transformation.

Access & Control for Everyone

No need to wait for the IT specialist to make changes. The platform is designed for business users to try things out, make mistakes, and iterate until the right solution is achieved.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Make the repetitive 30-step data cleansing process a thing of the past. With Mammoth’s Data Pipeline, any new data automatically goes through the steps previously recorded and saves you plenty of time.

Time-saving Templates

After you've created a data pipeline, save it as a template and apply it to different datasets. Save time or perform A/B testing on different data.

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