Get Custom Insights With A Visual Query Engine

A unique data exploration, discovery, and transformation platform

Access to your data with, multi-level visual drill-down
No more SQL or coding to get a deep dive into your data.
Supercharge your data exploration

Look at your data from different perspectives

We call it “anchoring”. E.g. Select the month of July as an anchor and view your data relative to that selection. Look at your data from any angle you want, all by yourself, in a visually-friendly way.

Drill Down and Transform

On The Fly

Once you start digging into your data, you may find anomalies and trends. You can take action on them on the spot.

Dive into the details

For proper decision making, the details matter. You can view the column summaries from different measures and metrics, this helps you compare and contrast your data and take action on it.

Time-saving Templates

After you’ve created a data pipeline, save it as a template and apply it to different datasets. This allows for saving of time and performing A/B testing.

Get started today

Answering complex questions might be simpler than you thought. Bring all your data together in Mammoth and start exploring.

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