Backend Engineer

Software Engineering - Bengaluru, Full-time

As a back-end engineer, this will be a fun and challenging role with a great opportunity to have a direct influence on the product, architecture and technical direction of the company

The job involves the following responsibilities:
– Build robust and scalable software in python.
– Improve our code quality through writing unit tests, automation and performing code reviews.
– Get to work on performance, scalability, concurrency and many other design challenges.
– Participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute ideas to our technology, algorithms, and products. Participate in design and architecture discussions.
– Work with the design team to understand end-user requirements, formulate use cases, and then translate that into a pragmatic and effective technical solution
– Dive into difficult problems and successfully deliver quality results

Please note that the job profile doesn’t require any ML/AI/Deep learning skills.

You should meet most of the following requirements:

• Demonstrate world-class programming ability
• Have a solid understanding of Python
• Have mastered at least one Framework (Django, Flask or Pyramid)
• Have a good understanding of fundamental computer science concepts
• Experience designing APIs and web services is a plus
• Understand performance tradeoffs.
• Knowledge of Javascript/HTML+CSS/AngularJS/React is a plus

Visa sponsorship

Not Available


2+ years

  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Web Technologies
  • DevOps (ansible)