Senior Frontend Developer

Skilled in VueJS and prior experience with AngularJS


* You are a good listener and communicate well.
* You possess a sense of visual design.
* You have an ability to ask useful exploratory questions when building a new design. Your questions lead complex problems towards simplicity
* You leave code much better than you found it

Skills required

* Demonstrated conceptual clarity in programming
* Have a solid understanding of Javascript and CSS
* Have good deal of experience with storybooks, VueJS and SCSS/SASS
* Experience with frontend testing frameworks like Jest etc. and build systems like Webpack.
* Have a good understanding of fundamental computer science concepts namely algorithms, compilers, operating systems, and programming languages
* Experience designing APIs and web services is a plus
* Demonstrated experience of building and maintaining a complete web app.
* Experience in debugging. Power user of Browser console including performance and memory optimisations.

Additional skills

* Understand performance tradeoffs.
* Have built (and willing to show) something you are proud of.
* Knowledge of Typescript and Angulajs is a plus. Our current infrastructure is primarily on Angularjs and we are fast moving to VueJS