Save time with an automated data pipeline
Automation in a few clicks with Mammoth 

Automation made the digital economy possible, and you should be keeping up. Seamlessly automate your data workflows using Mammoth’s pipeline. Our pipeline records each step you take to get your data in shape so that you don’t have to repeat yourself, again and again.

Step by step

1. Bring your data over to Mammoth. Use any of the variety of tools we offer to retrieve your data
2. Clean it and prepare it in any way you want. The pipeline records each transformation step 
3. Let Mammoth work. Whether you upload your spreadsheets or get new data batches directly from one of our APIs, new data batches get prepared automatically

Check out this example of automation on Mammoth. This dataset comes from a chain of cupcakes shops. We will get in in the shape we like and once the pipeline is ready, we will add a new batch of data. Each new batch of data goes through the pipeline automatically, so that all your data is always in the shape you need it.

Automate as you go

Automation in Mammoth is so simple, you can just forget about it. Once you are happy with the pipeline you have created, you are all set. No matter the origin of your data –URL, Webhooks, APIs or uploaded from your desktop– Mammoth will help automate your data workflows. Just let Mammoth do the heavy lifting for you.

Inbuilt flexibility and transparency

You can see all the transformation steps in the pipeline at all times, so you can easily share your work with your team members and clients. The pipeline is flexible so you can go ahead and play around with your data. All changes to your data are reversible and editable. Find out more here!

Getting started is easy

Answering complex questions might be simpler that you thought. Bring all your data together in Mammoth and start exploring.