Metrics are a result of calculations performed on a view by aggregating the data. They serve as a summary.

You can create Metrics in the following manner:

  1. Create from the Metric menu in the column header. Only one column is aggregated here.

  2. Create from Add metric dialog. This is opened from the metric panel. More than one column’s aggregation can be combined from here.

All metrics are displayed on the Metric panel available on the right hand side of the data grid. By default, the Metric panel is hidden. You can open the panel by clicking on the toggle button on the right hand side of the data grid. The panel automatically opens when a new metric is added.

The metrics react to the filters set by the Explore Cards.


Following options are displayed on a metric when you hover the pointer over it:

  1. Copy to Clipboard: This option lets you copy data from a Metric to your clipboard.

  2. Duplicate: This option lets you duplicate a metric if you want to create similar metric.

  3. Edit: Opens up the Metric Dialog.

  4. Delete: This option allows you to delete metrics.

  5. Lock: This option prevents a metric from reacting to explore cards.

Add Metric Dialog

Add metric dialog has the following options:

  1. Expression builder: You can create an arithmetic expression that makes use of various aggregations on the data.

  2. Appearance: Allows setting of format, display title, subtitle and a note.

  3. Conditional filtering: A condition can be set on the data before metrics is calculated.