Perform powerful data transformations with

With the power of the Mammoth Analytics platform, users now have an unprecedented ability to manage their data in ways not possible with any other platform

How it works


Your Data Warehouse

Bring all your data. Whether your data is coming from Segment or multiple sources, Mammoth serves as a central repository for all your data.

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Automated Transformation

Our JSON parser makes Segment data analysis a cinch. Transform, clean and prepare raw data. Automation and a data-pipeline are built-in.

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Segmentation and Discovery

Visualize your query your in unique ways, Mammoth allows for an interactive, ad-hoc discovery of insights, anomalies and trends.

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Reports and Dashboarding

We provide a host of ways to send your data to other visualization platforms including PowerBI, Google Data Studio and Tableau.

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Getting started with Mammoth is easy

Answering complex questions might be simpler than you thought. Bring all your data together in Mammoth and start exploring.