Turn your data from clutter into clarity

Say goodbye to repetitive data prep. Mammoth helps your team explore multi-source data and create automated transformation workflows through an intuitive visual editor.

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Case Study: Starbucks

Starbucks’s leap from manual to full automation

Like most global consumer goods brands, Starbucks gets supermarket sales data from Nielsen. Previously, Starbucks had to wait 6 weeks for an agency to unify and transform country-specific sales data into static spreadsheets and PowerPoints. That’s until they came across Mammoth.

Mammoth eliminates manual data transformation work and converts sales data into harmonized reports ready for PowerBI, AI, and beyond. 

Mammoth is designed for developers everyone in the business intelligence team

Move from black boxes, scattered data silos, and manual Excel work to automated tasks and workflows.

Bring your data to us. No matter how diverse or custom.

Import Excel and csv files or choose from wide range of integrations

Blend and turn complex, disparate-looking sales, marketing, and finance files into unified reports. 

Transform and organize data. With automated tasks.

Discover unexpected insights, blend data, fix errors, and more via visual editor. 

Create automated tasks to avoid repeating the same work.

Pick the data that matters the most. Get custom views for each team.

Choose the most relevant metrics in Mammoth’s data editor without developers involved.

Use the same dataset over and over again with custom grouping, filtering, and transformations, creating fully bespoke views for each team and use case.

Automate reporting to speed up decision-making.

Create auto-updating reports for your sales, marketing, social media, finance, and more.

Effortlessly export and repurpose the data in BI tools and AI services. 

Would you like to eliminate repetitive data cleaning tasks?

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Save costs. Discover unexpected insights. Make decisions faster.

Just like companies from startups to Starbucks already do.

Tools loved by data teams worldwide

Mammoth helps business intelligence teams combine and transform data from any source – leaving the original datasets untouched and keeping the IT team in full control.

Auto-updating data sources

Sync your data sources with Mammoth, ensuring faster turnaround from raw data to insights.

Visual data exploration

Discover unexpected insights and organize your data without coding skills.

Automated tasks & workflows

Fix once and save time with Mammoth’s automation handling similar issues in the future.

Single source of truth in the cloud

Save money on ETL maintenance costs. Access your data from anywhere.

Fast setup with world-class support

Our data experts will help you get started via live chat and email.

Secure & GDPR-compliant

We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified – and trusted by Starbucks, Bacardi, Arla, and many more.

Would you like to create automated data transformation workflows?

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