How is Mammoth going to change the world?

Why we built Mammoth

We are all sitting on an ever-growing volume of data. But getting insights, especially actionable ones, are elusive, time-consuming and costly. At Mammoth, our goal is to address the root cause of this problem by empowering the data owners directly with full control of their data, without any barriers.

Universal access to data

Insights happen at the end of the data journey. Traversing through this journey involves dealing with multiple roadblocks including disparate, messy data, high level of technical skills and dependency on others. The inability to easily ask questions on data prevents data owners, departments and companies from becoming data-driven.

Insights for decision makers

Data owners today have limited control and are dependent on others. This leaves little room for self-discovery and finding new opportunities. Mammoth removes dependencies and empowers the data owners directly. This opens up the ability to discover trends, anomalies and insights in unprecedented ways.