Automated multi-country sales report in record time for coffee retail giant





Starbucks, the global giant coffee retailer, wanted a consolidated view of sales performance for their At-Home and Ready-To-Drink products sold in retail stores across multiple countries in Europe. This project requires a recurring consolidation and standardisation of 1B+ rows before placing into their PowerBI reporting platform.


increase in ROI / Time to action


decrease in monthly maintenance


Starbucks faced multiple challenges in handling sales data. From disparate sources to unstandardised categorisations to large volumes of data, the existing process was manual, opaque, and error-prone. The key challenges:

  • Unstandardised data from 17 countries
  • 1B rows to be processed every month
  • 20 days to generate offline static report


The Mammoth platform provides all the tools in a single platform. From data ingestion, storage, consolidation, discovery and automated transformation, it is designed to provide control to every part of the data journey

The key benefits:

  • All the tools required to turn messy data into a clean structured format
  • Automated pipeline handling 1B+ rows of data


With an automated pipeline that streamlines and standardises data in record time, Starbucks’ data driven strategy has strengthened. The Mammoth platform allows them to build up on this and scale even further with additional data sources.

Some key outcomes:

  • 20 days for a static report converted to a couple of hours to generated an interactive PowerBI dashboard
  • Ability to scale further by adding more data sources and seamlessly enriching dashboard