Mammoth & GDPR

At Mammoth, our customers are always our top priority and so is the way we handle their data. As data collectors and processors, we take GDPR compliance seriously because data transparency and control at all levels are at the core of our values. That is why we developed a strict data security system and we benefit from our cloud services provider’s (AWS) high GDPR compliance standards.

How Mammoth is GDPR Compliant

Users are in control

Empowering users to manage their own data is our top priority. Any user can request the disclosure of how we’ve used their data or have their personal information deleted or modified.

Top-level infrastructure

We have multi-layered GDPR infrastructure and processes: we have our own protocols in place and we also benefit from our cloud services provider, AWS’ GDPR compliance technology.

Limited data collection

We only collect the data we need to provide our services, keep our users up to date, and provide support. We don’t collect nor keep any other personal data without previous consent.

We don't sell users' data

All the data we collect is necessary for us to provide, monitor and improve our services. Personal data is collected after the user consents to it, and we never sell data to third parties.