Bring data from your marketing channels, into one place for a single, streamlined, and standardised view

Instant access to all your data, without IT

Mammoth’s cloud-based environment allows for secure access, to any size of data, delivered in multiple formats

  • Point and click access to granular data anytime
  • Powerful segmentation and drill-down capabilities
  • Share data securely across the team

Bring multiple sources of your retail data together into a single view

The Mammoth platform lets you blend together all kinds of data, regardless of its disparate nature, to get a combined, singular view

  • Support for all common data formats and sources
  • Integrate with your database and favourite apps

Create powerful interactive dashboards in no time

From bespoke reporting solutions to existing platforms like PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, etc, Mammoth helps accelerate your path to insights

  • Save 90% of the time compared to traditional systems
  • Reduce time and cost in maintenance and updates
  • Plug into PowerBI, Tableau, and additional bespoke reporting solutions

Case Studies