RethinkFirst automates Customer Engagement Measurement, saving 50+ hours of manual work a month

Use Case
Connect and standardize various sources of customer engagement data (SQL Server, Salesforce, CSV files, Zoom, and Sendgrid)
Interactive PowerBI dashboard and code-free, ad-hoc data exploration via Mammoth

The Challenge

RethinkFirst, a pioneer in evidence-based autism treatment training tools, wanted to find a way of measuring and reporting customer engagement across their product and various communications channels.

The critical challenge is the complexity of customer interactions — spanning logins, page views, video views, training sessions, texts, emails, and more.

Firstly, the engagement data is not unified, and it has incompatible metrics from email newsletter open rates to the actual usage of Rethink’s products.

Secondly, the user behaviour data from Rethink’s product sits in proprietary and secure databases, and the data is not easily accessible for business reporting.

The IT and business teams recognized the value and importance of the engagement data, but the IT department lacked the time and resources to build and maintain internal reporting tools and dashboards. The initial attempt using Excel sheets proved non-scalable, error-prone, and time-consuming.

Mammoth Solution

Mammoth provides a comprehensive, ready-made solution to tackle the challenge of disparate data:

Combine data sources at scale
Mammoth seamlessly connects multiple channels, providing standardized output in a single, accessible platform. Add new sources effortlessly.
Automated data cleaning and transformation rules set by the business team are clearly visible and editable, enhancing trust in the data.
Zero Coding
Business teams can query and investigate data without relying on IT resources.
Pipeline as a Service
The Mammoth platform maintains data pipelines, ensuring their availability and reliability and saving maintenance costs.
Mammoth’s world-class support
The Mammoth team helps to manage a Power BI dashboard, facilitating quick turnaround for changes.

Key Benefits

Informed decision-making: RethinkFirst business team now has instant access to KPI dashboards with consolidated data sources, increased data accuracy, and deeper insights.

Cost savings and improved IT satisfaction: The burden on the IT department has been lifted, leading to cost savings, increased job satisfaction, and higher retention. RethinkFirst achieves improved business outcomes through efficient, data-driven processes.