Vaping enterprise automates and streamlines competitor product analysis


British American Tobacco



British American Tobacco (BAT) is making headway in the ever growing vaping space. From flavours, to volume to the types of devices and more, the changing landscape of the vaping world is hard to keep track of. BAT utilises the Mammoth platform for an automated report on the competitive landscape


products scanned daily


active alerts


BAT lacked a standardised process of competitor analysis in the vaping space. It was a manual process of looking through each competitor product page and various marketplaces to obtain this information. The main challenges revolved around the following:

  • Manual, labour-intensive and error-prone process to obtain competitor information
  • Non-repeatable process to translate data into reports
  • Static reports that don’t allow for drill down and segmentation


The Mammoth platform is designed to bring in ingest, store and transform disparate data in any shape and form. For BAT, a simple script was deployed to scrape competitor product data. Once ingested in Mammoth, an automated data pipeline consolidated and standardised the disparate datasets which was eventually sent to an interactive dashboard.

The key benefits:

  • Manual process converted to an automated pipeline
  • Created and managed by a non-technical analyst via a code-free platform


Interactive report on competitive landscape provided via an automated data pipeline. The Mammoth platform allows them to build up on this and scale even further with additional data sources.

Key outcomes:

  • Daily analysis of 200+ competitor products
  • Automated email with a summary of competitor view
  • 400+ active alerts generated per year