Business Analyst

From raw data, to insights – all the tools you need, simplified

Bring Automation to the forefront

Schedule tasks, create workflows, and be in control of how data flows from all your sources

  • Code-free, rules-based pipelines
  • Transparency on how your data is reshaped and transformed

Instant access to all your data, without IT

Mammoth’s cloud-based environment allows for secure access, to any size of data, delivered in multiple formats

  • Point and click access to granular data anytime
  • Powerful segmentation and drill-down capabilities
  • Share data securely across the team

Focus on value creation, not data wrangling

Mammoth eliminates manual labour and allows the shift into deeper and timely insights

  • Powerful automation at your fingertips
  • Code-free tools to be in control of your data transformations
  • Drill-down segmentation capabilities to get to the bottom of your data at any time

Case Studies