Total trade reports for world's largest privately-held spirits company generated in minutes





Bacardi is one of the largest family owned drinks companies, best known for its eponymous white rum and needed a single view of their bar and restaurant data merged with their retailer data as a unified report every month.



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Bacardi’s challenge was highlighted during the pandemic when they wanted to compare on-trade (bars and restaurants) vs off-trade (retail) data. Coming from different sources the following were the key problems:

  • Two very disparate data sets with different terminologies and categorisations
  • Time consuming process, done sporadically and preventing deeper analysis


Mammoth’s solution to combine different data flows and automate the output has allowed for a single source of truth for Bacardi’s total sales on a regular basis

Key benefits:

  • Simplification of process and faster output to key stakeholders
  • Ability to derive more from the data and to add additional data


The Mammoth platform allows for an automated and consolidated view of “on” and “off” trade report. More importantly, the solution allows for scaling by easily adding additional data sources to enrich the report.

Some key outcomes:

  • Manual processes converted to an automated data pipeline
  • Single, consolidated and scalable of “on” and “off” trade report