Brand Manager

Generate reports quickly. Eliminate the data wrangling and focus squarely on deeper brand insights

Create powerful interactive dashboards in no time

From bespoke reporting solutions to existing platforms like PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, etc. Mammoth helps accelerate your path to insights

  • Save 90% of the time compared to traditional systems
  • Reduce time and cost in maintenance and updates
  • Plug into PowerBI, Tableau, and additional bespoke reporting solutions

Quickly clean your data without writing code

Garbage-in, Garbage-out as they say. Mammoth lets you address this problem head-on

  • Remove errors from your data
  • Standardise erroneous spellings and miscategorised data
  • Automate rules to never repeat the task again

Focus on value creation, not data wrangling

Mammoth eliminates manual labour and allows the shift into deeper and timely insights

  • Powerful automation at your fingertips
  • Code-free tools to be in control of your data transformations
  • Drill-down segmentation capabilities to get to the bottom of your data at any time

Case Studies