Why Mammoth?

All you need, in a single platform

  • Bring data together, consolidate, transform and explore, all in a next-generation, cloud-based platform
  • Automate and your entire workflow
  • Discover new aspects to your data with powerful segmentation capabilities

Designed for the non-technical user

  • We’ve made it simple and code-free, and with all the tools needed to be in complete control
  • Our documentation and tutorials provide a step by step and guided approach to solving all your data challenges
  • With a new level of transparency, visibility and control, anyone in your team can now create and maintain your entire workflow

Decentralised data management

  • Keep the existing centralised data processes intact while using Mammoth as a lightweight management solution for your team
  • With comprehensive layers of security and replicated warehousing of your data, give peace of mind to your IT dept
  • Collaborate and share different types of data with different teams

Frequently asked questions

Mammoth is a cloud-based data management solution that allows you to bring data from multiple sources, blend disparate data together, standardise and manage data quality, create automated pipelines and more.

Mammoth is designed to serve the non-technical user and is the only code-free solution for all parts of the data journey, including data ingestion, consolidation, preparation, discovery and analysis. While other solutions are designed for technical users, Mammoth’s goal is to give the regular user tools to be in complete control of their data without depending on IT

All other ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and ELT (Extract, Load and Transform) products are designed for the techical user. They all have a high learning curve for users who are not technical. Mammoth is designed for the non-tech user. The Mammoth platform simplifies the ETL & ELT process. In addition, it provides a lot more tools and features to manage the entire data journey

Yes, the Mammoth platform has a lot of technical users. The benefits of a technical professional using the Mammoth platform are the following:

1. All the tools in a single platform
2. High visibility and transparency on your data management flow
3. Easily hand over the maintenance of the entire workflow to a non technical person