Europe's largest dairy group automates its management reporting





Arla Foods group supplies retail dairy products across numerous countries within the EMEA region. To track performance, trends and changes within their markets requires a singular source of truth from which sales data from country-specific sources can be consolidated. With the help of Mammoth, sales data has to be ingested, standardised and transformed ahead of being published into a custom PowerBI output.


increase in ROI


IT hours


  • Unstandardised data from 17 countries
  • 1B rows to be processed every month
  • 20 days to generate offline static report


The Mammoth platform provides all the tools in a single platform. From data ingestion, storage, consolidation, discovery and automated transformation, it is designed to provide control to every part of the data journey

The key benefits:

  • All the tools required to turn messy data into a clean structured format
  • Automated pipeline handling 1B+ rows of data
  • A couple of hours to go from raw data to an interactive PowerBI dashboard


Mammoth’s refined and automated pipelines allow for a streamlined process for uniform data results in a fraction of the time previously required. By employing Mammoth, Arla has opened the door to a build upon their current data systems as well as the potential for unrivalled scalability.