Cancer Detection Startup saves critical time processing clinical data


Everest Detection



Everest Detection, a Bay Area Biotech firm is on a mission to revolutionise early cancer detection. Their early stage discovery process involves handling a large amount of clinical data which researchers need to clean and transform before putting into a Labs Inventory Management Systems (LIMS)


savings annually

30 hrs

saved per month


Everest faced a common problem in the biotech space – the researchers do not have the technical skills to manage the extraction and transformation of clinical data. Specifically:

  • Clinical data delivered in different formats and containing data input errors
  • Manual and labour intensive process to extract and collate data
  • Engineering resources required to process data


Mammoth’s solution empowered the researchers to bypass engineering and handle the data consolidation and cleansing by themselves.

The key benefits included:

  • Code-free data transformation tools to easily standardise formats and errors
  • Automated pipeline allowing for recurring collation of data
  • No IT involvement


With the lab researchers empowered to manage their own data, Everest now has a scalable approach to being data driven.

Some key outcomes:

  • Entire Data Flow managed by Lab Researchers, not IT
  • Increased productivity with immediate access to data