Consolidated report of customer engagement metrics allows better decision-making for high growth behavioural health platform


Rethink First



Rethink First, a behavioural health platform and solutions provider has customers from fortune 50 companies to small/medium entprises. The customer engagment into the Rethink platform and services happen via various channels including videos, webinars, coaching, etc. Mammoth helps bringing all the customer engagement metrics in a single place via an automated data process


increase in ROI / Time to action


decrease in monthly maintenance


Rethink was dealing with a classic problem most high growth companies face. The data sources were growing but reporting on the disparate data was proving to be a challenge. Specifically:

  • Manual, excel-driven 15 hour process to transform multi-channel data into a single table
  • Error-prone and non-repeatable process
  • Inability for key manager to focus on strategy because of time spent on data preparation


The Mammoth platform ingests data from multiple customer engagement channels, from databases (SQL Server) to services (Zoom webinar) to offline files (CSV uploads). Bringing multiple sources of data together and creating transformation rules to blend it all together was done via Mammoth’s code-free data preparation functions.

Key benefits:

  • Ability to blend disparate sources into a single table
  • Automated data pipeline
  • Shift from data preparation to deeper analysis of customer metrics


Mammoth powers Rethink First with a platform that provides consolidated view of their customer engagement metrics.

The key outcomes:

  • 30 hours per month to generate 1 report turned into 6 reports in 4 hours per month
  • IT dependency reduced from 5 hours to 0
  • Converted manual error-prone process into and automated, transparent and error-free data pipeline