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Better decision-making: ILG gets collaborative KPI dashboards for 23 schools

Use Case
Connect, consolidate, and visualize data from multiple sources (Netsuite, PSP, IRIS, SIMS, and CSV)
Visual, interactive, and collaborative PowerBI dashboards for decision-makers


Inspired Learning Group (ILG) owns and operates 23 schools across the UK. With a staff of over 900 and 2800+ pupils, they are one of the largest independent school groups in the UK.

Like any other school, ILG has scarce resources for administrative work such as staff management, finance, and payroll. To build more efficient workflows, the administrative team had previously attempted to create a consolidated dashboard using PowerBI. However, they fell into the common traps: hours of manual and repetitive data cleaning in Excel week after week and a steep learning curve consolidating data from multiple sources into PowerBI.


ILG worked with Mammoth to connect all sources once and for all and leave the repetitive data cleaning and consolidation work behind. Now, Mammoth-powered, auto-updating Power BI dashboards allow all decision-makers to access data from anywhere, create custom, school-specific views, and discover new insights – all without the help of the IT team and without manual work.

Key Benefits

With a joint online KPI dashboard allowing all the business units and school heads to be empowered with quick insights, ILG now makes better decisions with accurate data. Automated updates help identify issues early and discover new opportunities for improvement.

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