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Golden Acre Foods: Combining disparate data sets with accuracy, speed, and automation

Use Case
Multiple disparate sales reports streamlined into a consolidated view
Interactive dashboard empowering the product management team


Golden Acre Foods, a global food import and distribution powerhouse operating in 15 countries, had one of the most typical business reporting challenges: matching different data models and product codes (SKUs) between internal and third-party data from Nielsen.

Without a sophisticated data management solution, mapping two different data sets was a manual, repetitive, and time-consuming task for Golden Acre’s time-poor team – leading to data inaccuracy and inability to make informed decisions.


Mammoth offers Golden Acre a truly transformative solution.

After loading extensive datasets from Nielsen, including four distinct retailers, Mammoth executes powerful transformations to automatically clean, validate, and standardize the data. Data mapping against Nielsen data through barcodes ensures precise definition and categorization of products despite the underlying differences in data sets.

This new approach empowers Golden Acre to continuously update product definitions on a weekly basis, matching new entries in Nielsen databases.

Key Benefits

Mammoth’s no-code solution brings accuracy and speed to decision-making.

Improved data quality management builds trust in the data.

Also, the delivery of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through an online dashboard marks a paradigm shift, significantly enhancing the quality of decision-making. The fast delivery of insights streamlines the decision-making process and facilitates quicker responses to market dynamics.


Are you struggling to combine internal and external sales data? Sign up for Mammoth’s product demo and learn how you can unify and combine data from multiple sources – all without the help of your IT team.