Sports clubs harness their data to to gain insights on their supporters


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PTI are digital transformation experts to the biggest names in European sport and entertainment, delivering insights to power growth and to engage and increase addressable audiences – not just on event days. Mammoth allows PTI’s clients to capitalise on digital era revenue, being the tool that is used to bring together and clean up relevant datasets from ticketing platforms to F&B payment systems.


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PTI’s challenges revolve around multiple sources of disparate data. The inability to make sense and analyse the data in a quick and efficient manner had a negative and cascading effect on them being able to make data driven decisions for their customers. Their key problems were the following:

  • Difficulty in understanding differing data sources quickly
  • Painful integration and data preparation work
  • Lack of available on-demand technical resources


Mammoth pulls data directly and automatically from Ticketmaster where it is combined with additional datasources giving real time information and allowing for strategic decision making.

Key benefits:

  • Ability to use data previously not used
  • Ease of data discovery combined with richer data assets allowing for a fact-based approach to identifying growth potential


PTI has been able to productise its ‘Data and Digital’ service, offering both predefined outcomes using the same data sources, and custom built data integrations, all powered by Mammoth.

Key outcomes:

  • Transparency and visibility into all data processes
  • Zero dependency on IT, saving both time and money