Account Information

Refers to information that, through the services, You may direct Mammoth to retrieve. It is maintained online by third-party providers with which you have a customer relationship, maintain accounts or engage in transactions.

Analytics Data

Refers to information about the App and/or Website regarding its performance.



Refers to the Mammoth Analytics data management platform.


Cookies are small amounts of information we store on your computer when you use our services, for them to run properly

IP address

An Internet Protocol address is the unique number assigned to your server or Internet Service Provider.


Logs are continuous digital records of events and interactions that occur on a website.



Refers to the company Mammoth Analytics LTD (UK) and Mammoth Software INC (USA).


Our Content

This includes, without limitation, any information or data, text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, documents and interactive features.

Personal Data

Data, information or material that you authorize us to retrieve or submit to the App in the course of using the services.

Personally Identifiable Information

Shortened to PII, means any data that could potentially identify a specific individual and her location.

Pixal tags

Also known as web beacons or single-pixel gifs, they tag a graphic on a web page or in an email message that tracks pages viewed or email messages opened.


This includes the App, Website and any other Mammoth products, services and related technologies for monitoring your internal and external data sources, and all software, data, reports, text, images, sounds, video, (Our Content) made available through any of the foregoing. Any new features added to the App are also subject to this TOS.


Terms of Service; outlines the terms and conditions for the use of Mammoth’s Services.

Usage Data

Refers to information about all of your interactions with the App and/or Website, including which App functionalities are used and the frequency of use.

User Accounts

Any account created in the Mammoth App. It could be a personal account or an account created by your organisation’s admin on your behalf.

User Data

Any information you keep in your or your organization’s User Account in the Mammoth App.



The official Mammoth Analytics website at



Refers to any person/user visiting our Website or App, be it a natural person or an organisation, depending on the context.


Your Content

Data, information, feedback, suggestions, text, content and other materials that You enable, upload, post, deliver, provide or otherwise transmit or store in connection with or relating to the App.