Let business teams play with data

Mammoth’s ETL tool helps business teams access, transform, and visualize data from any source – leaving the original datasets untouched and keeping the IT team in full control.  

Providing faster insights to leading brands worldwide

Stop building and maintaining ETL pipelines for business reporting

Save IT team’s development time and let no-code teams discover insights through visual and collaborative business reporting tools

Cut down on data wrangling requests

Give business teams easy-to-use tools to access, combine, and visualize any data.

Keep the original data untouched and build automated business reports.

Get rid of repetitive work

Allow your teams to automate data cleanup and transformation tasks for business reporting.

Mammoth comes with a visual and collaborative data editor for no-code teams to create reports. 

Save development time & money

Stop spending time on ETL pipeline hosting and maintenance for business reporting. 

Focus on higher-priority development tasks and empower business teams to visualize data without tech skills.

Single source of truth

Each business area has special data requests to get their reports right. 

Create a single source truth with custom workspaces, allowing all teams to pick and mix data that matters.

Mammoth is a playground for business teams to discover insights and visualize any data

Bring seemingly disparate data in one place

Easily connect data sources with Mammoth’s ready-made integrations. 

Save time with Automated Tasks cleaning, organizing, and combining data to suit each business team needs best.

Gain unexpected insights with data exploration

  • Turn columns into interactive graphs
  • Drill down to details
  • Blend and organize the way you like

Meet every business team needs with a single solution

Create workspaces and projects for each business team to combine and pick the right data for their custom Views.

Visualize your KPIs anywhere to speed up decision-making

Publish to PowerBI, Looker, and other data visualization tools, export in Excel, or store in another database.

Arla’s no-code teams consolidate sales data from 17 countries

With Mammoth, unstructured sales reports turn into automated BI dashboards, giving business teams timely access to key performance metrics and saving IT resources.

Scalable data playfield dedicated to business, without compromising on security and IT team’s control

Data access control

Admins decide who can access the data on the whole account and project level.

Custom email alerts

Make it easy for IT teams to monitor data ingestion anomalies and errors with fully custom email alerts.

Access audit logs

A transparent record of activities and performance to satisfy internal policies and regulatory requirements. 

Security at heart

We are ISO 27001 certified and SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR proof.

Would you like to spend less time crafting business reports?

Watch our 8-minute demo and learn how Mammoth helps business teams combine, transform, and visualize data from any source.