Discover insights easier than ever before with Mammoth + Power BI

Visualize your sales, marketing, and finance data with beautiful and automated Power BI dashboards, inspiring smarter business decisions 

Arla consolidates sales data from 17 countries

With Mammoth, unstructured sales reports turn into automated Power BI dashboards, giving business teams timely access to key performance metrics. 

Providing faster insights to leading brands worldwide

Bring your data to us. No matter how complex and custom.

Let Mammoth’s team help you integrate your key data sources and get automated, interactive dashboards for Power BI.

Connect any of the 100+ supported data sources or give us access to fully custom data. Choose the data that matters the most to build your tailored business reports for each part of the organization.


Discover insights via custom, automated dashboards

We help you build fully automated Power BI dashboard dashboards, letting you focus on the data discovery and business insights.

Mammoth’s Power BI experts will set you up with beautiful dashboards that match your branding and show your most important metrics from various sources.

Increase accuracy with data transformation tools at your fingertips

Mammoth brings visual, no-code tools to organize your data in a few clicks.

Forget time-consuming development projects and manual work combining reports from various parts of the company. Mammoth empowers data teams to automate their data collection and transformations through an easy-to-use visual dashboard.

Move from data silos to custom and interactive Power BI dashboards

Bring your data to us – no matter how custom and disparate.
Pick the data that matters the most. Get custom dashboards for each team.
Share beautiful and auto-updating visualizations via Power BI.

Let us help you visualize your data in Power BI

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