An illustration of the ETL process for Arla, turning Nielsen’s raw market data into business reports

Mammoth turns raw Nielsen data into automated, custom reports

Arla, Europe’s largest dairy, gets Nielsen retailer data from 17 countries – a staggering 1B+ rows per month.

It goes without saying that consolidating, harmonizing, and visualizing that volume of data takes time and effort.

With Mammoth, Arla turns country-specific data into a standardized format and presents it in auto-updating interactive PowerBI dashboards

Replacing the previous manual and time-consuming consolidation work, Mammoth’s end-to-end solution is fully automated, allowing Arla’s team to focus on what really matters – insights and execution.

Looking to get more value out of Nielsen data?

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Mammoth turns Nielsen data into customized reports – fully automated and harmonized with your internal data.

Unify country-specific data

Not just having different currencies, but country-specific datasets are not entirely alike. 

Mammoth helps companies like Arla, Starbucks, Bacardi, and many more unify and transform multi-country data into a single source of truth.

Setting up a data transformation task and pipeline in Mammoth

Harmonize with internal reports

Nielsen data comes with categorizations and structures that might not suit your current reports and tech stack well. 

Mammoth removes the manual data transformation work and harmonizes Nielsen data to match your needs with a set of automated tasks.

Combine Nielsen insights with other data sources

Are you getting consumer insights from multiple providers or looking to combine internal data with Nielsen-powered insights? 

With Mammoth, you can effortlessly combine external and internal data sources and represent them in consolidated reports.

Connecting a data source in Mammoth by choosing from various options

Publish and share anywhere

Present customized Nielsen reports in PowerBI, Looker, and similar BI tools, export to Excel, or store in another database.

Would you like to create fully custom sales reports from Nielsen data?

Book a demo with us today and learn how Mammoth helps Arla, Starbucks, Bacardi, and many more to turn raw Nielsen data into auto-updating, custom reports.