Stop spending hours chasing errors

Mammoth removes manual data cleaning in Excel and allows you to focus on the stuff that matters.

Getting rid of manual Excel work drives business growth for RethinkFirst

RethinkFirst business team now has instant access to KPI dashboards with consolidated data sources, increased data accuracy, and deeper insights.

Mammoth is trusted by companies from startups to Starbucks

Mammoth helps you blend and clean Excel files, without manual work

Let’s see how it all works 👇🏻

An illustration of the Mammoth data management platform
An illustration of data blending in Mammoth

Data Blending

Imagine you receive sales reports from three shops, and your most popular items appear multiple times and with different names.

Data Discovery

After combining these sales reports in Mammoth, our dashboard helps you immediately discover, clean, and fix issues.

An illustration of the data discovery in the Mammoth platform

Data Transformation

All you need to do is to create a rule to group these different values. Their data will be combined under one label you choose.

Auto-updating Dashboards

You’ll never have to do this again.

All future sales report submissions containing the same issue will be automatically fixed and presented via sales dashboards in Power BI, Looker, Tableau, and other presentation tools.

Leave the Excel cleaning work behind.

Automate your dashboards and reports with a data management platform loved by business teams

Bring all your data in one place, without IT

Whether you want to visualise your sales data from CRM or combine multiple sources in one automatically updating Power BI report, Mammoth’s got you covered. With easy integrations to 100+ data sources, marketers like you get started without the help of their IT team.

Say goodbye to data cleaning in Excel

Business teams often spend hours finding anomalies and fixing errors in their data – typically with tools like Excel and PowerQuery. With Mammoth, business teams set the clean-up task once and let Mammoth’s data cleaner work for them.

Speed of a roadrunner, security of the Mammoth

Companies from fast-growing startups to Starbucks trust their business-critical information with Mammoth. They let the data heavy-lifting for Mammoth and bring actionable insights to Power BI faster than they ever thought.

Mammoth experts root for your success

With Mammoth, you’ll have instant access to data experts who’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of data. Our world-class customer success team guides you through the setup and helps you build the proof of concept for your decision-makers.

Keeping business reports up-to-date doesn’t have to be your Excel task

Connect your auto-updating data sources (without technical skills)​
Set rules for Mammoth to clean and prepare your data in the background
Discover insights and share stunning, up-to-date reports via Power BI

Would you like to get rid of manual data cleaning work?

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