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Mammoth helps you eliminate repetitive tasks with automation and get your data ready for fast and accurate decision-making.

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Here’s how it works 👇🏻

Bring seemingly disparate data in one place

Easily connect data sources with Mammoth’s ready-made integrations or upload files directly from your laptop.

Gain unexpected insights with visual data exploration

  • Turn columns into interactive graphs
  • Drill down to details
  • Blend and organize the way you like
  • Share key insights with your team

Automate repetitive preparation tasks at scale with our visual automation builder

Clean your data automatically with rules to combine columns, group items, remove duplicates, and more. Set the data clean-up task once, and you’ll never have to do it again.

Publish your KPIs anywhere to speed up decision-making

Publish to PowerBI, Looker, and other data visualization tools, export in Excel, or store in another database.

Mammoth helps Arla consolidate sales data from 17 countries

With Mammoth, unstructured sales reports turn into automated BI dashboards, giving business teams timely access to key performance metrics and saving IT resources.

Mammoth is a safe playground for business intelligence teams to combine, transform, and visualize data from any source

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Bring your data to us and let your data analysts and business teams explore insights without IT’s help.

Automate preparation tasks with our visual automation builder.

Bring insights to life via Power BI, Looker, and more.

Or repurpose the prepared data in Excel and other applications.

Would you like to spend less time preparing data for business reports?

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