Transform your data into meaningful insights

Mammoth helps you unify and combine data in one place. Build interactive and collaborative dashboards, automatically. Zero coding.

Starbucks’ leap from manual to full automation, saving over 100 working hours monthly

Like most global consumer goods brands, Starbucks gets supermarket sales data from Nielsen. Starbucks used to spend 100+ hours each month unifying and transforming country-specific data into static spreadsheets and PowerPoints. That’s until they came across Mammoth. 

Mammoth takes the manual data transformation work away from time-poor business teams and converts sales data into auto-updating, interactive dashboards.

From startups to Starbucks, business teams love Mammoth

Leave the manual work behind. 

Automate your reporting with a data transformation tool loved by business teams

What is Mammoth?

Mammoth is a data transformation tool that automatically cleans, combines, and transforms your data from 100+ sources into meaningful insights and auto-updating, interactive visualizations.

Say goodbye to late nights with Excel and PowerPoint

Does your team spend hours combining data from various spreadsheets to PowerPoint presentations each month? 

With Mammoth, business teams set up data sources and transformation tasks once and let Mammoth build stunning, auto-updating, and collaborative dashboards for them.

Mammoth-grade security

Companies from startups to industry giants like Starbucks trust their critical data with Mammoth. 

They let Mammoth handle the heavy lifting of data, delivering actionable insights quicker than they ever imagined.

Always have Mammoth experts in your corner

Get instant access to Mammoth’s data experts who’ve seen it all. 

Our world-class customer success team guides you through the setup and helps you build a compelling proof of concept for your decision-makers.

Connect. Automate. Visualize.

Connect your auto-updating data sources (without technical skills)​
Set automation for Mammoth to transform your data in the background
Discover insights and share stunning, up-to-date reports and interactive visualizations

Let us help you get rid of manual data management work

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