Transform your data into meaningful insights

Get rid of manual data wrangling work with our visual data transformation tools.

Get time back for what really matters – insights and execution.

Data visualizations with Mammoth’s ETL tool for no-code teams

Mammoth is trusted by data teams from SMEs to Starbucks

RethinkFirst saves 50+ hours of manual work a month

With Mammoth, RethinkFirst automates data cleaning and transformation work, speeding up the time from raw data to insights.

Here’s how it works 👇🏻

Bring seemingly disparate data into one place

Choose from hundreds of ready-made data connectors with live data or upload files directly from your laptop.

Connecting a data source in Mammoth by choosing from various options
Setting up a data transformation task and pipeline in Mammoth

Automate data cleaning and transformation tasks

Blend complex data, unify naming, group data, use functions, and more. No-code or low-code.

Use Mammoth’s visual editor to set up data transformation pipelines and get rid of repetitive manual tasks.

Share and deliver your insights into any desired destination

Share links to live views, store in another database, or publish in Power BI, Looker, Tableau, and other presentation tools.

Visual data transformation tools empowering everyone in your data team, without compromising on security and IT team’s control

Data access control and audit logs

Admins decide who can access the account and each project.

Get a transparent record of activities and performance to satisfy internal policies and regulatory requirements.

End-to-end workflow visibility

Mammoth’s visual data transformation solution makes the pipeline transparent to all team members.

Save time in back and forth between IT and business teams and build trust in data

Custom alerts based on any metric

Mammoth makes it easy for IT teams to monitor data ingestion anomalies and errors with fully custom email alerts.

Choose the metric you’d like to track and send an alert to selected team members.

Security at heart. Cloud or on-prem

We are ISO 27001 certified and SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR proof.

Let Mammoth run the service for you or deploy in the cloud environment of your choice.

Let’s get rid of the manual data transformation work

Book a demo call with our data experts and learn how Mammoth can help your team automate the data cleaning and transformation work.