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Mammoth automates data transformation work and helps you turn complex data into clean files.

Mammoth is trusted by companies from startups to Starbucks

Mammoth helps you clean and combine Excel files, without manual work

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An illustration of the Mammoth data management platform
An illustration of data blending in Mammoth

Effortlessly blend and unify data

For example, various data sources have dissimilar categorizations, or items might appear multiple times and with different names – Mammoth’s data cleanser helps you fix issues like that automatically and turns seemingly disparate files into unified reports. 

Discover issues before presenting your report

After combining various Excel files in Mammoth, our visual data editor helps your team identify issues and anomalies.

An illustration of the data discovery in the Mammoth platform

Save time with automation

Clean Excel data automatically with rules to combine columns, group items, remove duplicates, and more. Set data clean-up task once, and you’ll never have to do it again.

Visualize your insights to speed up decision-making

Create unlimited, auto-updating dashboards for your sales, marketing, social media, finance, and more. Publish in Power BI, Looker, Tableau, and other presentation tools.

Rethink saves 50+ hours of manual work a month

With the help of Mammoth’s Excel data cleaner, RethinkFirst business team gets auto-updating KPI dashboards, speeding up decision-making.

Keeping business reports up-to-date doesn’t have to be your Excel task

Connect your auto-updating data sources (without technical skills)​
Set rules for Mammoth to clean and prepare your data in the background
Discover insights and share stunning, up-to-date reports via Power BI

Let’s get rid of manual Excel cleaning work

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