Data-driven decisions made look easy

Mammoth helps you connect, combine, and visualize your sales, marketing, and finance data in custom-made Power BI dashboards. Zero coding. 

Better decisions: ILG gets custom Power BI dashboards for 23 schools

ILG’s 23 schools use Mammoth to visualize their business metrics in auto-updating Power BI dashboards, helping the leadership team make informed decisions.

Mammoth allows schools’ decision-makers to access data from anywhere, create custom, school-specific views, and discover new insights – all without the help of the IT team and manual work.  

From startups to Starbucks, business teams love Mammoth

Focus on data insights, not data silos.

Connect and blend your data

Mammoth helps you pull and blend sales, marketing, and financial data from sources that matter to you. 

Choose from 100+ ready-made integrations – with a few clicks, you can connect multiple business apps, create a single source of truth in Mammoth, and make the data accessible to everyone in your team.

Create fully custom reports and dashboards. Zero coding.

Are you only interested in specific metrics and KPIs? 

Mammoth makes it easy to pick and mix the data you’d like to show and share with stakeholders. Without coding skills, you can explore, unify, summarize, and categorize your data and turn it all into automatically updating and custom-made business reports

Visualize insights in unlimited Power BI dashboards

Publish your custom-made business reports in stunning Power BI dashboards. With Mammoth, your team can create unlimited, auto-updating dashboards for sales, marketing, social media, finance, and more

Let your various business areas and teams filter and choose the most relevant metrics for them – and make changes at any time without the help of the IT team.

Make data-driven decisions

Mammoth helps you make your data more meaningful and actionable by allowing you to combine multiple sources in one place and visualize the metrics and insights that matter the most.

  • Turn your data into actionable insights
  • Ask questions and dive into details
  • Foster collaboration and data transparency
  • React faster to unexpected changes

Mammoth’s support team on your side

Our data experts are instantly available, and we are happy to help you create a proof-of-concept for your decision-makers. 

Click the ‘Book a demo’ button below to organize a call and free consultation with our Power BI team.

Move from data silos to collaborative and custom Power BI dashboards

Connect your data sources (without technical skills)
Choose, blend, and filter the data that matters the most
Share unlimited custom visualizations via Power BI

Let us help you visualize your data in Power BI

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