PTI Digital

PTI are digital transformation experts to the biggest names in European sport and entertainment, delivering insights to power growth and to engage and increase addressable audiences – not just on event days. Mammoth allows PTI’s clients to capitalise on digital era revenue, being the tool that is used to bring together and clean up relevant […]


Arla Foods group supplies retail dairy products across numerous countries within the EMEA region. To track performance, trends and changes within their markets requires a singular source of truth from which sales data from country-specific sources can be consolidated. With the help of Mammoth, sales data has to be ingested, standardised and transformed ahead of […]

Everest Detection

Everest Detection, a Bay Area Biotech firm is on a mission to revolutionise early cancer detection. Their early stage discovery process involves handling a large amount of clinical data which researchers need to clean and transform before putting into a Labs Inventory Management Systems (LIMS)


British American Tobacco (BAT) is making headway in the ever growing vaping space. From flavours, to volume to the types of devices and more, the changing landscape of the vaping world is hard to keep track of. BAT utilises the Mammoth platform for an automated report on the competitive landscape


Bacardi is one of the largest family owned drinks companies, best known for its eponymous white rum and needed a single view of their bar and restaurant data merged with their retailer data as a unified report every month.